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Makes using a Control's propertyMap more convenient.

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Package Description

Makes using a Control's propertyMap more convenient.

As such its main use will be to creators of controls.

Listening to the Property Map

In order to use the property map, a control has to create a listener which does these things:

While implementing such a listener is not difficult, some details have to be considered. This makes the code a little lengthy and hinders readability while at the same time repeating the same pattern over and over.


This package provides usability functions to create such a listener in a concise and readable way (this code would be inside a control):

        .processValue(valueString -> System.out.println(valueString))
It returns an instance of ControlPropertyListenerHandle which can be used to easily detach and reattach the listener.
See Also:
ControlPropertyListener, ControlPropertyListenerBuilder
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This documentation is licensed under CC-BY 4.0, attributed to Nicolai Parlog from CodeFX.