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Package org.codefx.libfx.control.webview

Provides functionality surrounding JavaFX' WebView.

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Package org.codefx.libfx.control.webview Description

Provides functionality surrounding JavaFX' WebView. All of it can be accessed via the utility class WebViews.

Hyperlink Listener

The WebView provides no pleasant way to add an equivalent of Swing's HyperlinkListener.

This can now be done by implementing a WebViewHyperlinkListener, which is very similar to Swing's HyperlinkListener and also processes HyperlinkEvents. Together with a WebView and optionally an event filter it can be handed to WebViews' addHyperlinkListener method.

Adding listeners returns a WebViewHyperlinkListenerHandle which can be used to easily attach and detach the listener.

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This documentation is licensed under CC-BY 4.0, attributed to Nicolai Parlog from CodeFX.